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They Say I’m Different

Snapshot_002editF E A T U R E D

Following @ On9

AvaWay – Jennifer Earrings

GizzA – Wrap Coat with Jeans

Following by KoKoLoReS

Oakes Hair @ Hairology (opens March 10)

Little Scars for CaTwa @ Skin Fair * sim 1 (opens March 11)

Strong Woman Pose @ Pose Fair (opens March 12)

BP Mascara Lashes for CaTwa

Shave Hair base for CaTwa

B O D Y // Maitreya

H E A D // Catwa


S K I N // sYs – Isabelle Applier for Catwa Mesh Head @ Skin Fair *sim 2 (opens March 11

T U N E 



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