Snapshot_003eF E A T U R E D

cinphul – Gotrik Frame

DAPPA – Purge Tattoo @ Gen Neutral

DATUM – Arrow, Chest – 1993 & High Piercings – Carrie Platforms & Socks @ Kustom9

Petite Mort – Blue Satin Kimono @ Tres Chic

Knick Knacks – Paint Your Life Set @ Shiny Shabby 


Esquisse [uncommon]

Ladder [rare]

Paint Pots [uncommon]

Palette and Brushes

Pillow Crown [uncommon]

Rack [rare]


The Pots [rare]

B O D Y // Maitreya

H E A D // Catwa

H A I R // Moon.

S H O R T S // Blueberry


22769 – cigar lounge ashtray & unicorn lamp

anc – flottante puppies

Apple Fall – paris loft skybox, canvas rack, design books & ifall notebook

ARIA – babette three sitter sofa & coffee table b

Ex Machina – barrel 1 & 2, wine table & rack

Fancy Decor – black and white rug

kunst – bourbon glass

Serenity Style – brushes, crate, oil paint tubes & pile of canvas

The Loft – babette one sided wall hanging, lennox coffee table decor, lonely table &  standing lamp

pixel mode – aderley table decor

zerkalo – clock, record player [rare], vinyl records & violin pillow


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