Blogging Second LIfe

Time To Eat

time to eat

calls out to her little shark pets, “time to eat, momma brought you a snack”

(I promise no harm to any ducks during this photo shoot, please no hate mail….I love animals….really I do, I just tend to have a wee bit of a twisted sense of humor ☻)

F E A T U R E D 

The Pose Shop – .Mother Ducker Sad November {one pose, one umbrella, one puddle and six duckies}





DATUM – Fall Out Tattoo Exclusive for Sad November (11/1/2015)





the pose shop. mother ducker // Sad November exclusive

B O D Y // Maitreya

H E A D // Catwa

F A C E // theSkinnery

H A I R // little bones. – Luna

T O P // ISON – Spice Poncho

S H O E S // Astralia – Old Rain Boots


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