Tomorrow is the last day of the Alice in Sexyland event on Second Life, if you haven’t been to this event yet I highly recommend you taxi on over and check it out real quick.  I’m not gonna lie this isn’t an event that I would run too, actually I only went because a few of my sponsors sent me pieces that they created exclusively for this event and I always like to go and see how they set up the booth, this may sound silly but I get a little excited when I see it, I pretty much say to myself, “that’s my bosses booth” (I know, I’m a dork). I was impressed on SO many levels, first was the set up so much so that I wish the past few weeks wasn’t total chaos for me in real life cause I would of liked to have spent more time to take pictures, they have created some really adorable scenes, way to go Essential Inventory, they are the host of the event!  Secondly, I was surprised at how many things I bough.  It really wasn’t at all what I had in that narrow little mind of mine, I didn’t expect to find myself getting all excited and wanting to buy as much as I did, I seriously almost emptied out my Linden account!  Alright so lesson learned, don’t judge an event by it’s name (did I just say/type that)  even if you don’t think it is your “thing” it’s probably safe to say that each event has at least one item that someone has taken the time to create that will make you say, “I must have that”  ☻

Before I get to credits, I would like to thank my amazing sponsors again for being so understanding and supportive during my real life move and internet connection delays!  Much thanks and respect to each of you ♥

Astralia -Playing Cards Hat Exclusive for Alice in Sexyland 

DATUM – Emmanuel Tattoo (unisex) for Suicide Dollz 

The Pose Shop – Eat Me Exclusive for Alice in Sexyland (ends tomorrow 6/26/2004)

(includes mushroom and six poses)

LeLutka – Stella Mesh Head

PumeC – Inga Skin

IKON – Odyssey Eyes @ TMD 

Vanity Hair – Mirror Games Exclusive for Alice in Sexyland 

Salt & Pepper – Queen of Hearts Dress Exclusive for Alice in Sexyland 

Little Branch – Yellow Poppies @ Shiny Shabby 

Chez Moi – Yellow Grass


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