TPSQuinnAs Anna and her new friend talk about life, music and errections, she can’t help but wonder to herself, I hope he doesn’t expect me to share my Brandy with him now, knowing it is the kind thing to do, after all “sharing means caring” she bites down on her lower lip, and thinks, FFS what is his name again???

The Pose Shop – Dream Love Seat for Dream Fair 1st June

Lazybones – Plunge Bodysuit for FamouStation 24th May – 17th June

Me Sew Sexy  *MSS* Nora Black Heels for Hello Tuesday –  2nd June

Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands ♦ High Feet ♦ Visage Emma Mesh Head

PumeC – Renata Skin @ Shiny Shabby May Round

little bones – Magick Hair @ FaMESHed 1st June

::K:: – Hooded Cardigan @ FaMESHed 1st June

Cae – Balance Necklace @ FaMESHed 1st June

White Widow – Midnight in Paris Tattoo @ Shiny Shabby May Round

Cinphul – ASBMF Gacha (Milk Can) for Shiny Shabby May Round

Kunst – The Gentleman’s Club Gacha Brandy bottle (rare) Exclusive @ TLC

Oh Anna Gibby what are we going to do with you and your brother Alex, you two always get yourselves into these pickles *the girl behind the screen shakes her head back and forth as she types* to be continued ♥



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