The Pose Shop Trolley @ Thrift Shop
comes with cart, soda pop cups, and eight poses 4 single, 2 couples, 2 friends


Personally I think some things you just can’t buy online like eggs, I mean you have to look at them and make sure none of the eggs are cracked,  And for me, the same goes with adult toys, you can’t just look online at  pictures and buy something so personal, you have to see it and touch it, turn that baby on and see if it has any umph to it!  This is why I love these mega malls and stores, you can find virtually anything just like you can here on Second Life.  Now a days, you pretty much can run out  and get your milk, bread, butter and rabbits you know the kind for eating or for pets, and lets not forget thet oh so famous pleasure rabbit *sighs* I just love one stop shopping!  Getting ready for “date night” with someone special or yourself (I vote for yourself….less of a headache) has never been so easy.  Happy shopping boys and girls and remember have fun while your doing it….I mean the shopping *winks* ♥

The Mesh Project –  (Beta) Body and Fierce Head

PumeC – Victoria Skin & Makeup Appliers for TMP

*Les Petits Details* – Boho Girl Dress. Boho Girl Jaket and Necklace

†Spellbound† – Nightshades

Adored – Eagle Claw Ring

Ariskea – Black Dahlia Glasses

[sYs] – Soho Curb Bracelets

∗Please note the items in the cart I purchased on Second Life below are the links for them∗

Concrete Flowers – First Night Kit

Plethora – Wine Bottle

Tartessos Arts – Grocery Bag

The Store – Lotion and Tissues



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