The Pose Shop  Pose 61 @ TDSF

On Elle

Maitreya – Mesh Body V3.3

Egozy – Anjali Skin

Argrace – Azami Hair

Vive Nine – Ines Denim Shirt

On *points to self*

Maitreya – Mesh Body V3.3

Slink – Visage Mesh Head V2.1 (emma) and Avatar Enhancement Hands (victory)

[PUMEC] – Roxana Skin

little bones. – Pearl @ FaMESHed (free gift) 

C’est la vie ! – Manon Ring @ TCF (free gift) 

I am person who doesn’t like surprise visits in real life so you would think that since such things make my skin crawl I wouldn’t do that to my friends but I confess I have been known to just pop in on them from time to time, now mind you, I always check first to make sure no one else was with them before I just teleported myself ontop of their head and screamed “whass up,” after all I’m not that inconsiderate. I suppose I might have messed up a few photo-shots due to my surprise visits, maybe that’s why I was the only one laughing at the time?!!!  So to my dear friends who at times I was so excited to see that I just ran over unannounced I will work harder on bringing my real life manners into second life ♥ Love you girls ♥

Now if you haven’t made it to FaMESHed (3rd Anniversary) and/or The Chapter Four (2nd Anniversary) I suggest you hurry as they have some wonderful gifts, it almost feels like it’s your own birthday :p


Special thanks to:

The oh so beautiful Elle for taking the time to pose with me be sure to check out her blog here

The ever so talented Sisch for turning me onto PumeC skin. she blogged it and I went crazy over it, make sure you check out her blog here


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