POEMA / Body Shape – Vilnius
Creator: MatildaSoon

.Birdy. – Willow Skin

POEMA – Vilnius Shape

IKON – Sovereign Eyes

MOON – Tin Foiled Hair ( Everything in the store marked down to 99L. All hair packs, clothing, & Accessories. This sale excludes Gacha items.  Sale ending on April 4th)

Coquet. – Vintage Romance Dress @ The Dressing Room 

[ glow ] – Studio Summer’14 Necklace & Earrings @ The Dressing Room 

[ M O N S ] – Septum Ring style23 @ The Dressing Room 

[PXL] – OpenMouthPro

Makeup by POEMA 

50’s Look Light Red Lipstick

50’s Look Eyeliner

Burlesque Look Moles

Hebe Eyebrows and Shape



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